EPISODE #1 – Opening
This is my story. How I became a mom of 3 and how nothing is at easy as it seems. The goal of this podcast is to share these short minutes of information and inspiration to fellow moms.
Health tips
Exercise suggestions

EPISODE #2 – You’re Not Alone
You are not alone.  It seems pretty common that mothers compare themselves to others! Where does this come from and how can we get over the idea that we have to do it all on our own?  Didn’t the Beatles have a song called Help?

EPISODE #3 – Gratitude
Gratitude is a key ingredient in the recipe of life. Being grateful will help you to be nicer, to be healthier and above all to be happier. 

EPISODE #4 – We are Family
Family Day is a holiday created for families. It is so important to create moments and traditions with your family.  We try so hard as parents to provide for our children and keep them busy.  When all is said and done what moments do they remember most and where do they find joy?

EPISODE #5 – How Long to go Without Eating
Intermittent fasting is one of the latest buzz words around gyms and weight loss.  It is easy to follow and very cost effective:). Here are some of the benefits and tips on how to implement fasting into your lifestyle.  As with any health practice, please consult your health care practitioner to discuss your health goals and any health concerns that you may have.

EPISODE #6 – What the Funk?
There ain’t a mama around that is immune to the funk! You know, the not eating what you’re supposed to, not exercising like you should, spending too much time on your devices. The key is recognizing when you’re in the funk and making the commitment to yourself to get out!

EPISODE #7 – Simple
Confucius says that life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.  Where can simplify our lives and how would that bring us joy?

EPISODE #8 – Lessons from a Swim Meet
You can pull life lessons from almost anything.  Watching kids at a swim meet pulled two of my favourites; getting out of your comfort zone and swimming your own race!

EPISODE #9 – Don’t be scared of a fever!
Learn where a fever comes from and why we don’t have to be scared of it.  In this episode we also share some tips on supporting a child through a fever.

EPISODE #10 – Show up for your girlfriends
Life is about showing up for the people you care about. Showing up for your girlfriends keeps these relationships alive and strong.

EPISODE #11 – Are you addicted to social media
How many times have you found yourself clicking on Facebook or Instagram many times a day without even really thinking about it? Have we become addicts to social media and how do we balance the online life with real life?

EPISODE #12 – What’s the deal with celery juice?
Celery juice is not new.  But the craze of drinking it is becoming more and more popular.  Learn the top 10 health benefits of drinking celery juice first thing in the morning.

EPISODE #13 – The Parallel between mothers and the Boston Marathon
The Boston Marathon is happening next week. In listening to the story of how American female runner Des Linden won last year, I was able to pull out some pretty cool parallels on running and motherhood.

EPISODE #14 – Teenage Anxiety
Teenage anxiety statistics have risen sharply in the last decade. Learn what anxiety means, how it shows up and some tips on how to help.

EPISODE #15 – A heart to heart with a mother of two sons with autism
April is the month of Autism Awareness.  Years ago I was introduced to Mirian Sansalone, a mother of four of which her two eldest are non verbal with Autism.  To say that this woman is amazing is an understatement. I sat down with her to ask her a few questions on her role as a mama.

EPISODE #16 – Helping to Raise the Village
It takes a village to raise a child! There is no need to do this motherhood thing alone.  We need the village of other moms to support us through this journey. How can we make sure that we are a valuable village to everyone around us?

EPISODE # 17 – Ditch the Hard-Ons
You can do everything you want to do in a lifetime…but you can’t do it all at the same time.  A big lesson for women and how ditching the hard-ons will help.

EPISODE #18 – Mothers Day Edition
A special Mother’s Day Edition!  Making sure that everyone is getting their share of mom minutes. Thankful and honoured to share the title of mom with all of you.

EPISODE #19 – Is Self Care Selfish?
Is self care selfish or needed? Why we need to pour into ourselves so that we have more to give to others.

EPISODE #20 – 10 Minute Workout with Me
We can come up with every excuse in the book as to how NOT to fit in exercise. That stops here. Workouts can be quick, simple and effective. In fact, we are going to do one right here and now in ten minutes. Get ready:)

EPISODE #21 – Writing your our Bestseller
It’s easy to go through life thinking that your book has already been written. What about letting our imaginations go and writing our own bestseller? The story of our amazing life!

EPISODE #22 – You Should Date your Spouse
Remember the feelings and excitement when your first started dating your partner or spouse? Remember the effort you put it to how you looked, what you wrote and where you went?  Date night is critical in a successful relationship.

EPISODE #23 – Waiting on the World to Change
Are you waiting on the world to change? Imagine if everyone instead of complaining with what’s wrong in the world actually did some small tasks to make this world a better place!

EPISODE #24 – Are the Bubbles Good for You?
Fizzy water as my kids like to say is everywhere!  Is drinking carbonated water just as good for you as flat water and what other options do you have if you don’t like water?

EPISODE #25 – The Importance of a Morning Routine
Chances are you have a had a morning routine for ages that gets you ready and dressed for the day. BUT do you have a morning routine to set your day up to be great? Learn tips and strategies on winning your morning so you can win your day.

EPISODE # 26 – Respect Yourself
Respecting and loving ourselves is the basis for every strong and healthy relationship in our lives.  Learning to have self respect will increase your happiness.

EPISODE #27 – We are the Sandwich Generation
 Middle aged women are the sandwich generation.  Filling our days with taking care of both our children and our aging parents.  These days are filled with big events and big emotions.

EPISODE #28 – Go and Look Outside with your Kids
Spending time outside and appreciating the outdoors is important for so many reasons.  Learn what we can we do with our little ones outside so that they grow to love and take care of nature.

EPISODE #29 – Period
This one is all about your period. What happens during these glorious days, what foods might help during the different phases, what workouts should we be doing?  Take control and own your period:)

EPISODE #30 – Mom Guilt
There is no definition of mom guilt but most of us have felt it.  Where does it come from is there anything we can do to conquer it!

EPISODE #31 – What’s Your Childs Love Language
The five love languages; physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts and acts of service. Which language do you speak and more importantly which language does she child speak to feel loved?

EPISODE #32 – Oh Happy Day
Birthdays are a chance to celebrate and reflect on the previous year.  In this episode, I think back on ten of my biggest life lessons.

EPISODE #33 – Central Perk
Think about those six friends sitting on the couch in Central Perk. Think about how your friends have changed over your lifetime.  Friendship is a two way street of what you bring to the relationship and what you need.

EPISODE #34 – Back to School
Back to school brings joy and dread to so many people. Get off on the right foot so that this school year can be the best yet. Remember that we’re all in this together.

EPISODE #35 – The Dads
Dads bring different things to the parenting table; from the way they communicate with children to the way they play.  In this episode we thank them for all of those things and give credit where credit is due.

EPISODE #36 – We Got the Beet
People either think beets taste like candy or they taste like dirt!  Learn why beets are a superfood and how you can incorporate them into your diet.

EPISODE #37 – Hug it Out
Hugs make us feel good! But research shows that they are also good for us.  Take a listen to learn how can we incorporate more affection into families.

EPISODE #38 – Sunday Dinner
Imagine having a meal every Sunday with your family, your siblings and your parents. Imagine the memories you create for a lifetime. Here’s how to keep it simple and light.

EPISODE #39 – Debbie Downer – Your hurting your Brain
Calling all Debbie Downers! Constant complaining can negatively affect our brains and our health.  Learn how we can shift our thinking to the more positive side and shine a little brighter!

EPISODE #40 – Raising Boys vs. Girls
Do mamas of boys raise their children differently than mamas of girls? We know that parenting any child is not easy but the way we lead our children is going to shape the future.

EPISODE #41 – No Human is Limited
The only reason humans don’t do the impossible every day is because of the limits they put on ourselves. This past weekend Eliud Kipchoge crushed a marathon in under two hours.  How do we break through the barriers?

EPISODE #42 – What Makes a Superwomen
What are the pieces that make up a superwoman?  And maybe those pieces are different for all of us.  The magic lies in knowing what it means to you so you can fulfill this great role.

EPISODE #43 – The Flu is not a Season
The season of colds, coughs and flus is upon us.  When we think of this season, it becomes common that our children struggle more with being sick. Just because it is common, does not mean it is normal. Learn why we need to make our bodies more adaptable and not to be afraid of germs!

EPISODE #44 – Family Style
Family style meals all about sharing.  Connecting with others at a table and literally sharing food brings joy, memories and better health. Learn how we can bring this into our kitchens at home.

EPISODE #45 – Expert Miracles
Are you walking around witnessing all the miracles in your life? When you stop and think about it, there may be miracles all around you. 

EPISODE #46 – Extroverts & Introverts
Extroverts and introverts are just one of the ways that we can classify ourselves and our children.  For the longest time, I actually had the meaning of these types incorrect. Learn where your family may fall on the spectrum and how you can use that to support them.

EPISODE #47 – Combatting Holiday Stress
The holiday season is here! And for many that brings a lot of stress. Let’s talk about how to shift what that word means and how to implement strategies that will help us better adapt to stress.

EPISODE #48 – The Gift of Giving
Tis the season of giving. Holidays are about joy, and giving and sharing bring a lot of people joy. The stress of what to give can also be a challenge for many. Learn why we give and some tips on how to find the perfect gift.

EPISODE #49 – Breaking Bad
We are not perfect. We are going to have bad habits. There is science behind why we do these bad habits and there has to be strategies on how to break them and how to implement good behaviours in their place.

EPISODE #50 – What’s in a Decade
2020 is here!! It is crazy to think of a new decade and impossible to not reflect on the last ten years.  How far have you come, what have you learned and what are you thinking moving into this next chapter?  

EPISODE #51 – Willpower Won’t Do!
Do you love a New Year’s resolution? How can we set ourselves up to make this year different, to actually create lasting change? I’ve got the secret and funny enough it’s already in your body.

EPISODE #52 – Picky Eater Be Gone
Do you have a picky eater at your table? Have you wondered why your toddler won’t eat any meat?  In this episode we cover some strategies on how to battle the little humans that just don’t want to eat!

EPISODE #53 – Bell Let’s Talk Day
Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. A day to raise money and spread awareness towards mental health initiatives. Mental health needs to be a priority today, tomorrow and every day after that. Listen in on how to make your mental health a priority for this year. 

To get help;
For kids and teens: https://kidshelpphone.ca/
For adults: https://cmha.ca/
For families and caregivers: http://www.camh.ca/
Meditation app: https://www.headspace.com/

EPISODE #54 – Sequins and Football
Two strong women dominating the biggest stage in sports.  They brought flare, they brought culture, and oh…they brought their hips!

EPISODE #55 – Eat the Fat
For years, fat has been a bad three letter word. Times have changed and we are now encouraged to bring back the fat. Here’s why we need to have fat in our diets and
how to do it.

EPISODE #56 – Kind
Kindness seems to be one of those new trend words. We see it everywhere. What does it really mean and are YOU practicing kindness?

EPISODE #57 – A Room with 4000 Women
This past weekend I was a participant in the Rise Toronto Conference.  Talk about amazing girl power? You can learn about true wellness from a room of 4000 women and what power that room has moving forwards. 

Episode #58 – When Fear Takes Over
The world is going through some trying times right now. It is really hard to not shift to fear and panic. We need to learn how to take ourselves out of this state and back to a state of calm.  Let’s talk some simple strategies on how to do this and how to teach our families.

EPISODE#59 – Immune Boosting Tips
If it’s not the seed, it’s the soil, how do we make our soil stronger? How do we set up our bodies so that they are stronger to fight?

EPISODE #60 – When COVID means CO-KID!
Working from home may be a treat for many of us. Except this time you’re required to do it with all the kids home too! How do we manage this time so that everyone is still happy and productive at the end of the day.

Episode #61 – Homeschooling Help!
Many of us did not attend teacher’s college but we have still fallen into the role of homeschool teacher. Luckily, a great friend of mine who happens to be a Vice Principal and awesome mama of two boys has provided me with some tips and advice to get you through this time.

Episode #62 – Time to declutter!
With Spring around the corner and a little more time on our hands, it is a great time to declutter! Learning from a minimalist expert, this episode will share how even those of us who aren’t good at it, can get it done. 

Episode #63 – We Need Connection
Human beings are social beings. We need to be connected to one another. For our health and for our happiness. Our world isn’t letting us connect right now and what will the fall out from that be?

Episode #64Diary of a Keto Mom
Fad diets or new ways of eating are always the buzz. Our family is on day 10 of the keto diet. In this episode you’ll learn the why behind how it works, the benefits you may see and feel and our experience in bringing it to real life.